Real estate and government

Regulations with regard to real estate and administrative law are complex. These are separate fields of expertise but they are often inseparable in real estate issues. We have specific expertise in both areas. As a result, we are able to solve complex real estate issues. In addition, we specialize in the areas of tendering, project development, land development and expropriation, environment, zoning plans and environmental permits for construction, and monumental buildings.

Our expertise extends further in the field of disputes in construction, property issues, buying and selling of real estate, rental of residential and commercial space, soil and groundwater pollution and neighbour law.

In order to perform their duties, government bodies (on local, provincial as well as national level) take decisions that can have far-reaching consequences for citizens and businesses. Conversely, citizens and businesses often need the cooperation of these government bodies to realize their plans. Administrative law is a complex area of ​​law, in particular because the number of administrative laws is extensive. Our specialists have specific knowledge in this area of ​​law.

In administrative law you can deal with various issues such as zoning plans, project decisions, environmental permits for construction, use, monuments and environmental activities. But also with expropriation, preferential rights, planning damage, loss compensation and government liability. Enforcement issues, such as decisions to impose a periodic penalty payment, the application of administrative coercion or the imposition of an administrative fine, also fall under administrative law.

Successful litigation in administrative law requires specific expertise. Keizers Advocaten have the specific expertise and experience that protects you from costly mistakes and slips.

If you have any question on this area of expertise or if you would like to know more about our firm and services, do not hesitate to contact us.