Why a liquidation of an estate?

An estate usually has assets but also debts. The stakeholders are usually the creditors (trade creditors but also legatees) who want to be paid, as well as the heirs who want to see as much as possible left for them afterwards. How do you settle such a legacy? After all, that can be quite complex.

The legislator has provided that one or more liquidators may be appointed to arrange this. They are responsible for settling the estate and provide insight into all assets and debts. Under certain circumstances they can even pay certain debts in advance. This creates clarity for all stakeholders.

A liquidation of an estate resembles in certain respects the settlement of a bankruptcy. In inheritance law, the legislator has explicitly declared many provisions of bankruptcy applicable by analogy to estate liquidation. We have extensive experience and gained this, among other things, as insolvency liquidators / bankruptcy advisors. Therefore we can be your trusted advisor in estate liquidation matters.

We regularly work in a liquidation with other professional groups such as (your) notaries, tax specialists and accountants. If the situation gives reason to do so, we will also litigate as a liquidator / lawyer.

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